New archive data and the web pages of VSOP ("HALCA") are released.

Observations by VSOP have already been completed, but the observation data still produce excellent research results in recent years.
The images are from Indication of the Black Hole Powered Jet in M87 by VSOP Observations, Keiichi Asada et al., 2016 The Astrophysical Journal 833 56.
Top: Image of the VSOP observations at 5 GHz.
Bottom: Image of the VSOP observation at 1.6 GHz.

HALCA (MUSES-B) is a radio telescope launched on February 12, 1997. VSOP project, which is the international space VLBI project was carried out with HALCA.

HALCA cooperated with the ground radio telescopes, radio astronomy observatories around the world, and NASA, to observe many bright Active Galactic Nuclei (giant black holes), som star-forming regions, and pulsars with the highest spatial resolution ever at the observing band.

In addition to the open call observations, "The VSOP 5 GHz AGN Survey" program was carried out for intensive observations of major AGN. These AGN was selected from "The VLBA pre-launch observations (VLBApls)," which is a ground observation campaign before the launch of HALCA.

This time, we release the open call proposals, the correlated data and images from "The VSOP 5 GHz AGN Survey program", and related web-pages, which have been released from the radio astronomy group at ISAS.

These data are searchable by DARTS/Astro Query System. HALCA is now put into a part of the long-term archive at DARTS.

(Jan 2021)

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Last Modified: 07 January 2021