Field of view Visualizer "FLOW" is released

The ring of Saturn

Field of view Visualizer "FLOW" is released. "FLOW" creates a simulation-image in an instrument field of view using "SPICE", which is the standard tool to handle ancillary data such as orbits and attitudes. The simulated images may include stars, planets, asteroids, and so on. Using "FLOW", users can create an image for an any observational period, even when observation was not actually performed. "FLOW" enables one to test a dry-run using a predicted orbit. Also, one may calibrate instrument alignments comparing the simulated images and real images. In addition, high-resolution simulated images may help analyzing the data from low-resolution instruments.

Many space explorers and satellites use SPICE data, which are downloadable from NASA NAIF website. Japanese Hayabusa (an asteroid sample return mission) and Kaguya (a lunar orbiter) also use SPICE data, which are publicly available. (2012 Dec.)

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Last Modified: 07 November 2017