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This page contains the past shape models of 25143 Itokawa, the target of the HAYABUSA mission.

Aizu model - Produced by the AMICA (the Univ. of Aizu) team
The latest version is 5.04, produced in Dec. 2005.

The original format of this model is a pts file, which is a ascii table of the list of 308,205 points. A polygon model is also provided in forms of the STL format and the triangle format. The resolution of the polygon models is 3 deg., reduced from the original .pts file. Details of these models were described in Demura et al. (2006) Science, 312, 1347-1349.

Notes: These model are kept on the server for archival purpose. Use for scientific analysis is not recommended.

Aizu shape model

25143 Itokawa Plate Model, Aizu 5.04 PTS (3.2 MB) STL (116 kB) TRI (48 kB)