Acknowledging use of SELENE Data Archive:

When you publish your work on SELENE(KAGUYA) data, we would like to ask you to acknowledge the appropriate instrument team(s) and the SELENE Data Archive as follows. For instance, if you use the SELENE(KAGUYA) TC data, the following would be an appropriate acknowledgement: We thank the SELENE(KAGUYA) TC team and the SELENE Data Archive for providing the SELENE(KAGUYA) data. SELENE is a Japanese mission developed and operated by JAXA.

Entry to SELENE(KAGUYA) publication list:

On publication of your papers using SELENE(KAGUYA) data, it would be particularly helpful if you could inform us the reference so that we can keep the record of brilliant works on SELENE(KAGUYA). Please send the reference to: Z-SELENE_DB[at]

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