Dynamic Surf 1 (DS1)

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title Experimental Assessment of Dynamic Surface Deformation Effects in Transition to Oscillatory Thermo capillary Flow in Liquid Bridge of High Prandtl Number Fluid (series 1)
category Marangoni
type ISS Experiment
facility Fluid Physics Experiment Facility
cell Marangoni Deformation 30
start date (GMT) 2013-09-30 (273)
end date (GMT) 2014-02-27 (58)
note Objectives of Dynamic Surf experiment, a)To determine the conditions for the onset of oscillation, b)To understand the effect of dynamic free surface deformation (DSD) in transition to oscillatory Marangoni convection in high Prandtl number liquid bridges, c)To understand the effect of interfacial heat transfer on the instability of Marangoni convection.
function name organization
PI Yasuhiro KAMOTANI Case Western Reserve University
CI Koichi NISHINO Yokohama National University
CI Ichiro UENO Tokyo University of Science
CI Masahiro KAWAJI University of Toronto
CI Nobuyuki IMAISHI Kyushu University
CI Atsuki KOMIYA Tohoku University
Liquid Bridge
D (diameter) [mm] 30
L (length) [mm] 15.0 - 60.0
V/R (volume ratio = actual liquid bridge volume / straight liquid bridge volume) 0.5 - 1.01
Sample (working fluid)
material name silicone oil
manufacture Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
model number KF-96L-5CS
density @25degC. [kg/m3] 912.35
kinematic viscosity @25degC. [m2/s] 5.00E-6
temperature coefficient of surface tension [N/mK] -6.58E-05
thermal diffusivity [m2/s] 7.46E-08
Sample (dye)
Sample (tracer particle)
material name Gold-coated acrylic sphere particles
manufacture Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.
diameter [micro meter] 200
amount 2000 particles (32.8mg)
density @25degC. [kg/m3] 1296.23
Related Publication
[1] Shitomi, N., Yano, T. and Nishino, K., “Effect of radiative heat transfer on thermocapillary convection in long liquid bridges of high-Prandtl-number fluids in microgravity”, Int. J. Heat Mass Transf., 133, pp. 405–415 (2018) DOI: 10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2018.12.119
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[7] Toyama, A., Gotoda, M., Kaneko T. and Ueno, I., “Existence conditions and formation process of second type of spiral loop particle accumulation structure (SL-2 PAS) in half-zone liquid bridge”, Microgravity Sci. Technol., 29 (4), pp 263–274 (2017) DOI: 10.1007/s12217-017-9544-y
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ds1_acronym_list.pdf (34KB) Acronym list of DS1
ds1_parameter.pdf (120KB) Experiment table of DS1
ds1_profile.pdf (10,024KB) Temperature profiles for all experiments of DS1
ds1_telemetry_description.pdf (40KB) Telemetry descriptions of DS1
fpef_3d_camera_dimension.pdf (34KB) Drawing, optical dimensions of 3D camera with liquid bridge.
md30_cooling_disk.pdf (38KB) Drawing, cooling disk of MD30
md30_functional_diagram.pdf (40KB) Drawing, functional diagram of MD30
md30_heating_disk.pdf (270KB) Drawing, heating disk of MD30
md30_observation_system_layout.pdf (49KB) Drawing, observation systems layout of MD30
midm_image_description.pdf (37KB) Drawing, description about MIDM movie image