Ice Crystal 2 (ice2)

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title Crystal growth mechanisms associated with the macromolecules adsorbed at a growing interface: Microgravity effect for self-oscillatory growth
category Crystal Growth
type ISS Experiment
facility Solution Crystallization Observation Facility
cell Ice Crystal 2 Cell
start date (GMT) 2013-11-17 (321)
end date (GMT) 2014-06-23 (174)
function name organization
PI Yoshinori FURUKAWA Hokkaido University
CI Gen SAZAKI Hokkaido University
CI Ken NAGASHIMA Hokkaido University
CI Shunichi NAKATSUBO Hokkaido University
CI Hiroki NADA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Techonology
CI Naohisa OGAWA Hokkaido University of Science
CI Harutoshi ASAKAWA Hokkaido University
Related Publication
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[2] Yoshinori Furukawa, Ken Nagashima, Shun-ichi Nakatsubo, Izumi Yoshizaki, Haruka Tamaru, Taro Shimaoka, Takehiko Sone, Etsuro Yokoyama, Salvador Zepeda, Takanori Terasawa, Harutoshi Asakawa, Ken-ichiro Murata, Gen Sazaki, Oscillations and accelerations of ice crystal growth rates in microgravity in presence of antifreeze glycoprotein impurity in supercooled water, Scientific Reports, 7:43157, (201702) 10.1038/srep43157
[3] Harutoshi Asakawa, Gen Sazaki, Etsuro Yokoyama, Ken Nagashima, Shunichi Nakatsubo, and Yoshinori Furukawa, Roles of Surface/Volume Diffusion in the Growth Kinetics of Elementary Spiral Steps on Ice Basal Faces Grown from Water Vapor, Crys. Growth Des., 14, 3210–3220, (20140530) 10.1021/cg4014653
[4] Guoliang Dai, Lei Zheng, Gen Sazaki, and Yoshinori Furukawa, Attachment and Detachment Processes of Individual Lysozyme Molecules on a Surface of a Monoclinic Lysozyme Crystal Studied by Fluorescent Single-Molecule Visualization, Cryst. Growth Des., 14, 5303–5309, (20140829) 10.1021/cg501122f
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[12] Furukawa Y (2014) Ed. Nishinaga T, Snow and ice crystal growthChapter 25:Handbook of Crystal Growth, Vol. I., Elsevier, pp1061–1112, ISBN: 9780444563699 (20141200)
file name note
ice2_parameter.pdf (243KB) Experiment parameter list of Ice Crystal 2.
ice2_summary_photo.pdf (3,182KB) Experiment summary photo of Ice Crystal 2.
ice2_experiment_sequence.pdf (33KB) Typical temperature profile of Ice Crystal 2 Experiment.
ice2_telemetry_list.pdf (33KB) Telemetry list of Ice Crystal 2 Experiment.
aos_los.pdf (16KB) Chart of AOS/LOS of satellite communications.
ice2_cell_diagram.pdf (67KB) Drawing, Crystallization Cell and Nucleation Cell of Ice Crystal 2 Cell.
ice2_cell_observation_schema.pdf (121KB) Schema, optical path of Ice Crystal 2 Cell observation system.