OBS ID: 100009010 (ver 2.0) back

Observation Infomation
Name Value Description
TELESCOP SUZAKU Telescope (mission) name
SRAM_VER sramFM_v2.1 S-RAM version number
OBS_ID 100009010 Observation identification string
OBSERVER Suzaku SWG Principal Investigator
OBJECT PSR1509-58 Name of observed object
OBS_REM   remark on observation
NOM_PNT N/A AimPointInDETXY:XIS=(0,0),HXD=(-3.5,0)[arcmin]
RA_OBJ 228.4837 planned target R.A.(deg)
DEC_OBJ -59.1356 planned target DEC.(deg)
RA_PNT 228.4625 average optical axis location R.A.(deg)
DEC_PNT -59.0918 average optical axis location DEC.(deg)
RA_NOM 2.284798000000000E+02 Right Ascension of target (deci. deg)
DEC_NOM -5.909430000000000E+01 Declination of target (deci. deg)
PA_NOM 287.6342 nominal position angle from north to DETY(deg)
MEAN_EA1 228.479844165059 mean of the 1st ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA2 149.094329301944 mean of the 2nd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
MEAN_EA3 162.365806530639 mean of the 3rd ZYZ-Euler angle (deg)
RADECSYS FK5 celestial coord system
EQUINOX 2.000E+03 Equinox of celestial coord system
DATE-OBS 2005-08-23T08:38:24 Start date of observations
DATE-END 2005-08-24T20:38:03 End date of observations
TSTART 1.781040116974022E+08 time start
TSTOP 1.782309910498419E+08 time stop
TELAPSE 1.269793524396122E+05 elapsed time
ONTIME 6.154271908500791E+04 On-source time
LIVETIME 6.154271908500791E+04 On-source time
EXPOSURE 6.154271908500791E+04 Exposure time
TIMESYS TT time measured from
MJDREFI 51544 MJD reference day
MJDREFF 7.428703703703700E-04 MJD reference (fraction of day)
TIMEREF LOCAL reference time
TIMEUNIT s unit for time keywords
ORIGIN NASA/GSFC origin of fits file
MJD-OBS 5.360538976714586E+04 MJD of data start time
PROCVER Processing script version