Suzaku Data

Data Processing

On 25 October 2016, the final processing for all Suzaku observations using version 3.0 is complete.

Science Data

Data may be obtained via http.

The verX/ directory (X = 2) contains all the version X public data. If there are two or more versions on the same sequence, the last version is put in this directory. The verX.Y/ directories (where Y is a minor version) contain the versionX.Y data, either encrypted or public. If you found the same sequences in verX/ and verX.Y/ directories, they are linked and identical.

Note that on 16 August 2007, we changed the directory name from revX.Y/ to verX.Y/ . Since September 2008, we have stopped the release of the version 1 data.

Metadata Tables

These are metadata of Suzaku observations. The table description is here.

Table Name Sort by Format
MASTER OBSID html text tab-delimited text
LOG SEQ_NO html text tab-delimited text
SEQ_NO (desc.) html text tab-delimited text
MNV_START html text tab-delimited text
MNV_START (desc.) html text tab-delimited text
XISLOG OBSID html text tab-delimited text
SEQ_DATA SEQ_NO html text tab-delimited text
PROCVER OBSID html text tab-delimited text

Trend Data

In order to monitor satellite and instrument status, the "trend data" are archived for each processing version and open to public.

Latest version [ver 2.Y]


WAM continuously obtained light-curve data with one-second time-resolution. Besides, WAM had an automated GRB detection system to trigger Burst observations with finer time-resolutions.
The one-second light-curve data are named “transient data” (TRN) or “untriggered data”, and the triggered data is called “burst data" (BST).

There are three different levels of WAM data archive. Their sources are identical, but only processing levels are different.

  • wam-1.0
    This is the same one which has been released from
  • wam-2.0
    Newly processed WAM data in 2017-2018 at Saitama Univ. and Nagoya Univ. Time calibration is updated, and deadtime correction is applied. GTI files are made.
    See explnation documents for more details (in English or Japanese).
  • wam-3.0
    Renamed and reconfigured at HEASARC based on wam-2.0.

Here is the list of all the Ver2.0 and Ver.3.0 data. For each event, Ver2.0 or Ver3.0 data are linked.

Last Modified: 13 August 2020