Suzaku Data Analysis (for v2.x data)

The Suzaku pipeline processing was major updated from v1.x to v2.x on 2007-08-14, and all observations will be re-processed with the new pipeline. Users are requested to use the latest Suzaku software (version 6 released as a part of Headas-6.3.1) to analyze the v2.x data. Appropriate combinations of data and software are summarized in the table below.

Observation date Processing version Suzaku Software
Before 2007-06-14 V1.x.x.x Version 4 (Headas-6.2)
Before 2007-06-14 V2.x.x.x Version 6 (Headas-6.3.1)
After 2007-06-15 V2.x.x.x Version 6 (Headas-6.3.1)

If you need to upgrade v1.x data into "v2.x equivalent" by yourself, please consult this page.

The distributed Suzaku data are already applied with the latest calibration (only the exception is the energy scale of GSO) and the clean events are screened with the standard criteria. From these event files, images, spectra, and light curves can be created using the standard multi-mission software, HEAsoft package. Mission-specific software, which are necessary for the standard analysis, are also released as a part of the HEAsoft. In the early stage of the mission, some additional files or tools prepared by the instrument teams may be provided via the web page, in addition to the HEAsoft.


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