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Searchable Data with the DARTS Astro Query System

DARTS/Astro Query System has description of each data product in the database, so that you can easily and quickly search the data you want by sending a specific query to the database. In this page, we explain all the data products searchable within DARTS/Astro Query System. Also, we explain auxiliary database items which we added to the original tables.

Database items of each table for every satelite/project:

We are going to register all the available data under the DARTS Astrophysics category onto the DARTS/Astro Query System, so that all the DARTS Astro data are searchable.

Stored data products and tables

DARTS/Astro Query System maintain various data products explained in the following tables. Detail of each table is shown in the linked page from each table name. Also, please find the "Additional data items", which make all the tables handled consistently.

Satelite/Project Abstract of the data product Database table name
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Number of entries in the database Searhcable with Basic Search Searchable with SQL/ADQL Search Name in the previous query system
AKARI Descriptions of the invidual image files composing "AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps Version 2.1 (Public release version 1)" akari_fis_allskymap_2_1 6,688 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2)" akari_irc_poi_phase1and2_1 7,850 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI FIS All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalogue Version 1.0" akari_fis_bsc_1 427,071 Yes Yes akari_fis_bsc_1 on AKARI CAS
AKARI "AKARI IRC All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogue Version 1.0" akari_irc_psc_1 870,973 Yes Yes akari_irc_psc_1 on AKARI CAS
AKARI "AKARI NEP-Deep Mid-Infrared Source Catalogue Version 2" akari_irc_nep_deep_psc_2 27,770 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI NEP-Wide IR Source Catalogue Version 1" akari_irc_nep_wide_psc_1 114,794 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue Version 1"
This contains all the detected sources by "AKARI" observations, named "Archive" by the author.
akari_irc_lmc_psc_1_all 802,285 Yes Yes
AKARI Subset of the "AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue Version 1", including only the sources that have counterparts in the "Spitzer SAGE point-source catalog". It is named "Catalog" by the author. akari_irc_lmc_psc_1_sage 660,286 Yes Yes
AKARI "Asteroid catalog using AKARI (AcuA)" akari_irc_acua_psc_1 5,120 No Yes
AKARI "The Asteroid Catalog Using AKARI IRC Slow-Scan Observation" akari_irc_acua_iss_psc_1 88 No Yes
AKARI "AKARI Asteroid Flux Catalog Ver.1" akari_irc_astflux_psc_1 20,780 No Yes
AKARI "AKARI Near Infrared Asteroid Spectral Catalog Version 1" akari_irc_acua_spectrum_1 147 No Yes
AKARI "AKARI/IRC MIR-S slit-less spectroscopic catalogue" akari_irc_slitless_mir_spectrum_1 862 Yes Yes
AKARI 9 µm point source catalogue, generated as a by-product of "AKARI/IRC MIR-S slit-less spectroscopic catalogue" akari_irc_slitless_mir_psc_1 42,837 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI/IRC NIR Spectral Atlas of Galactic Planetary Nebulae" akari_irc_gal_pn_spectrum_1 72 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI Near-infrared Spectral Atlas of Galactic HII regions Version 1" akari_irc_gal_hii_spectrum_1 122 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI IRC NIR Low-resolution Spectral Catalogue of Diffuse Sky Patches Version 1" akari_irc_diffuse_skypatch_spectrum_1 278 Yes Yes
AKARI "AKARI-LMC Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Catalogue Version 1" akari_irc_lmc_spectrum_1 2,111 Yes Yes
AKARI Description of each distribution package of "AKARI Pointed Observation Raw Data Version 1 (Phase 1&2) and Version 2 (Phase 3)" akari_pointed_rawdata_package_info 24,436 Yes Yes PKGINFO
AKARI "AKARI" Proposals information. akari_proposal 163 No Yes
ASCA Observation log based on the observation list provided by the ASCA team. Last updated on 2000-10-26. asca_observation_log 3,079 Yes Yes OBS
ASCA Processing version of each sequence of ASCA observations. asca_processing_info 3,079 No Yes PUBD
ASCA Abstracts of ASCA proposals. asca_proposal 3,497 Yes Yes PROPOSAL
GINGA Observation log of the Large Area Counter (LAC) onboard GINGA. ginga_observation_log 7,318 Yes Yes OBS
GINGA Light-curves of the 208 point sources produced by the All Sky Monitor (ASM) onboard GINGA. ginga_asm_1_2 208 Yes Yes -
HALCA Proposal, log, and correlated data information of the "VSOP (HALCA) Guest Observer Time" observations. halca_got_observation 622 Yes Yes
HALCA Log and correlated data information of the "VSOP (HALCA) 5 GHz AGN Survey" observations. halca_survey_observation 426 Yes Yes
HALCA Log and correlated data information of the VSOP (HALCA) test observations. halca_test_observation 75 Yes Yes
HALCA Analysis results of the "VSOP (HALCA) 5 GHz AGN Survey" observations. halca_survey_analysis 552 Yes Yes
HALCA Proposals for the "VSOP (HALCA) Guest Observer Time" observations. halca_got_proposal 261 No Yes
HITOMI Observation log of the HITOMI observations. Based on the HITOMASTER table created by NASA / GSFC, additional information supplemented. hitomi_master_data 42 Yes Yes
HITOMI Description of the observations by the Soft X-ray Spectrometer (SXS) onboard HITOMI, including the detector placements. hitomi_sxs_data 42 Yes Yes
HITOMI Description of the observations by the Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) onboard HITOMI, including the detector placements. hitomi_sxi_data 28 Yes Yes
HITOMI Description of the observations by the Hard X-ray Imager (HXI) onboard HITOMI, including the detector placements. hitomi_hxi_data 40 Yes Yes
SUZAKU Observation log of the SUZAKU pointing observations. Based on the SUZAMASTER table created by NASA / GSFC, additional information supplemented. suzaku_master_data 3,055 Yes Yes MASTER
SUZAKU Observation log of the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS) onboard SUZAKU, including the detector placements.
Based on the SUZAXISLOG table created by NASA / GSFC, additional information supplemented.
suzaku_xis_observation_log 17,286 Yes Yes XISLOG
SUZAKU Information concerning the SUZAKU data distribution. suzaku_distribution_info 3,182 No Yes SEQ_DATA
SUZAKU List of papers using SUZAKU data. suzaku_paper 1,623 No Yes TITLES
SUZAKU List of papers and authors using SUZAKU data. suzaku_author_in_paper 14,278 No Yes AUTHORS
SUZAKU List of SUZAKU observations referenced in papers. suzaku_observation_in_paper 8,344 No Yes REFOBS
SUZAKU Operation log of the SUZAKU observations. suzaku_operation_log 3,184 Yes Yes LOG
SUZAKU Processing version of each sequence of SUZAKU observations. suzaku_processing_info 3,055 No Yes PROCVER

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Additional auxiliary database items

Below, we explain the auxiliary database items in the DARTS/Astro Query System which have been added to the original information of the data products.

Items on the coordinates

Data products are usually maintenanced based on a single coordinate system. However, when you search data, it is more convenient if you can use any coordinates depending on your needs. Accordingly, in the DARTS/Astro Query System, we register the four coordinate values; equatorial coordinates (both J2000 and B1950), ecliptic coordinates and galactic coordinates. These database items are distinguished by suffixes to tell the coordinates:

  • Equatorial coordinate (J2000) ・・・ _ra, _dec
  • Equatorial coordinate (B1950) ・・・ _ra_b1950, _dec_b1950
  • Ecliptic coordinate ・・・ _ecliptic_longitude, _ecliptic_latitude
  • Galactic coordinate ・・・ _galactic_longitude, _galactic_latitude

For example, if a data product has the observation center coordinates, the database has all the following items:

  • Equatorial coordinate (J2000) ・・・ center_ra, center_dec
  • Equatorial coordinate (B1950) ・・・ center_ra_b1950, center_dec_b1950
  • Ecliptic coordinate ・・・ center_ecliptic_longitude, center_ecliptic_latitude
  • Galactic coordinate ・・・ center_galactic_longitude, center_galactic_latitude
Items on the date and time

Most of the data products have information related to the date and time, such as observation date, data processing completion date, data release date etc. Representation of date and time are not uniform in genral.

In DARTS/Astro Query System, we use UTC basically. "Observation Date" and some other items have both UTC and MJD, the former does not have any suffix, and the latter has the suffix "_mjd". For example, for starting dates of observations, we prepare the items "observation_start_time" and "observation_start_time_mjd".

Items on the public data location

Using DARTS/Astro Query System, you can tell if the data you want exist in DARTS or not. If exist, we provide the "data_access_url" for the URL to download the data.

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Last Modified: 08 July 2021