Obtain the AKARI pointing data from DARTS

Retrieve the AKARI pointing data

The AKARI science data can be retrieved from DARTS via http or wget. The following are the commands to retrieve your sequence using wget.

Retrieve via wget

If you have wget, type the following command (replace 1.0/OT-ISAS/VELLO with your proposal):

wget -nv -m -np -nH --cut-dirs=4 -P . -R "index.html*" https://data.darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/akari/AKARI__Pointed_RawDataPack_1.0/OT-ISAS/VELLO/

wget is available from the GNU site.

Retrieve via HTTP

You can also transfer the data from HTTPS server.

Decrypt the data

The data are encrypted with GPG (Gnu/PGP; version 1.0.7). To decrypt the data you need to have installed either PGP or GPG software. We recommend you to use the latest version of GPG or PGP (how to obtain PGP or GPG).

You can just type

> gpg AKARI_FIS_3160042_001.tar.gpg
and you will be asked your PGP-key. Or you can type as follows.
> echo $key | gpg --cipher-algo=3des --passphrase-fd 0 AKARI_FIS_3160042_001.tar.gpg
Please ignore the following message:
gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected

If you want to decrypt several files under a directory, you may use our script, gpgp.sh. 'gpgp.sh -h' gives you some instruction. If you want to decrypt all data under a directory, you can just type as follows.

> gpgp.sh -s gpg 'directory-name'

Metadata Tables

These are metadata of Akari Pointed observations. The table description is here.

Last Modified: 22 April 2021