AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2)


The processed images from Infrared Camera (IRC) on board AKARI during Phase 1&2 pointed observations. The field of view of IRC is 10 arcmin and the PSF size is ~5 arcseconds in FWHM. The 9 photometric filters continuously cover the wavelength range from ~2 to ~26 micrometers.

False colour images from AKARI/IRC observations. From left to right;
NGC 6946 (OBSID 1400620, Blue:Green:Red=3:7:15 micron),
IC 10 (1700216, 3:7:11),
NGC 104 (1700001, 7:11:15),
and North Ecliptic Region (5121023, 2:4:7).
Each image is 10x10 arcmin^2.
The figure shows pointing positions in the Galactic coordinates of the ~4000 observations (Red: ~3000 photometric, Blue: ~1000 spectroscopic).


Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2) [directory]

Note: The use of this data for the scientific analysis should follow the guidelines for publication.


Description of data files, file formats, contents, and caveats for the users are presented in ReadMe file. Process procedures and limitations are described in Release Note more detail. Users of the data are strongly recommended to read thess notes prior to analyze the data.


Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1 & 2) ver 1.0.1 was produced by processing the raw data with AKARI-IRC Imaging Toolkit ver.150331. Each data package includes the dark data used for processing.

AKARI-IRC Imaging Toolkit [tar.gz (26MB)]

Major improvements of ver.150331 are

  • better calibration of time-dependent dark and MIR-S flat
  • better stacking method
  • better WCS matching
which inrease the S/N and reliability of output images.
Please read README_20150331.txt included in the package and the Data Users Manual (listed below) before using the toolkit.


  • IRC Data Users Manual Version 2.2 with full description of the instruments, calibration, and data processing. Major updates are highlighted with a bold face. [PDF (11MB)]
  • Following paper describes details of the data processing and calibration, and basic performance of the data.
    Egusa F. et al., 2016, PASJ, 68, 19 (19pp) [ADS] [PASJ]

Last Modified: 05 January 2023