AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue


The photometric catalog covers about 10 square degrees of the LMC with wavelengths of N3 (3.2 micron), S7 (7.0 micron), S11 (11 micron), L15 (15.0 micron), and L24 (24.0 micron).


The AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue [ TEXT (48MB) ]
"Catalogue" includes sources that have counterparts in the version 3.1 of the SAGE-PSC (Meixner et al. 2006 AJ, 132, 2268) with a positional tolerance of 3 arcsec.

The AKARI-LMC Point Source Archive [ TEXT (37MB) ]
"Archive" includes all detected sources and thus has more and fainter sources than "Catalogue", which may contain potential false detection or sources with larger photometric uncertainties.

Note: The use of this catalogue for the scientific analysis should follow the guidelines for publication.


Description of data files, file formats, contents, and caveats for the users are presented in ReadMe file. Users of the catalogue are strongly recommended to read this note prior to playing with the data. Reference papers describes details of the AKARI LMC Survey, data processing and calibration, and basic performance of the catalogues.


  • Kato et al. 2012, AJ, 144, 179 (18pp) [ ADS ] [ AJ ]
  • Ita et al. 2008, PASJ, 60, S435 (17pp) [ ADS] [ PASJ ]

Last Modified: 05 January 2023