AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps



All-Sky image maps at four far-infrared wavelengths at N60 (65 micron), WIDE-S (90 micron), WIDE-L (140 micron), and N160 (160 micron) by the FIS, covering area over 99 percent of the entire sky.


AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps Version 2.1 [ Data Directory ]

  • Beam Profile (Point Spread Function) [ ZIP file(2.7MB) ]

    The FIS beam profiles are created for the shortest three bands (N60, WIDE-S, and WIDE-L) by stacking images of standard stars as the same manner with Arimatsu et al. 2014. The profile for N160 band is not available due to low S/N ratio for standard stars. However, since the characteristics of point sources at WIDE-L and N160 bands are similar, you can assume that the N160 PSF is the same with WIDE-L one. Note that since the PSFs are constructed by stacking images of standard stars, its accuracy and universality are not guaranteed, such as similarity of the PSF shape at different sky position (or dependency to the number of scans).

  • Region List [ TEXT(74KB) ]

    This is a list of map region ID and its center coordinate in J2000.

Note: The use of this data for the scientific analysis should follow the guidelines for publication.


Description of data files, file formats, contents, and caveats for the users are presented in Readme file and Change log. Users of the catalogue are strongly recommended to read this note prior to playing with the data.


  • Doi et al., 2015, PASJ, 67, 50 [ ADS ] [ PASJ ]
  • Takita et al., 2015, PASJ, 67, 51 [ ADS ] [ PASJ ]

Last Modified: 05 January 2023