AKARI (ASTRO-F) Catalogue Archive Server

The AKARI Catalogue Archive Server (AKARI-CAS) provides user interfaces to search and obtain catalog data and related information of AKARI FIS and IRC all-sky survey. All data of catalogs are constructed by AKARI team. Details of source catalogs are described in AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues page.

The FIS and IRC source catalogs are registered into RDBMS of the DARTS server. Using the database, AKARI-CAS provides two types of tools, `Search Tools' and `Visual Tools'.

In the `Search Tool', you can easily use Rectangular/Radial Search and Cross Identifications. In addition, you can directly submit a SQL (Structured Query Language) query to the AKARI CAS using SQL search page or local tools. Using SQL is the way to maximize application range of your study. For example, you can create a tool for complex processing of catalog data by using the command line tool in your script. To use SQL search, you have to learn SQL a little. However, SQL is not so difficult, since the pages in CAS describe a lot of SQL and example calls which help your understanding.

In the `Visual Tools', there are Explore Tool and Image List Tool. They provide interactive interfaces for catalog data, quick look images and useful external links. The links to SDSS, NED, SIMBAD and other search pages are automatically generated in them. The links to Explore tool are created in the results of `Search tools', so you can easily browse not only table data but also colored quick look images of AKARI/FIS, AKARI/IRC, WISE, IRIS, 2MASS and DSS2 provided by Aladin Lite at CDS and external information for each searched object. The original FITS files of AKARI/FIS and AKARI/IRC for the target is also available from this page. The links to Explore tool in CAS pages uses the popup window, so we recommend you to disable blocking of popup.

Basically all Web APIs for `Search Tools' and `Visual Tools' are open. APIs using GET method can be used as the permalink, so you can write their URLs in your email or HTML documents. Of course, you may use the APIs in your local tools and Web sites. We hope that various useful tools are developed using our Web APIs.

AKARI-CAS Acknowledgement

Investigators using AKARI-CAS should provide reference to Yamauchi, C. et al. 2011PASP..123..852Y .

RDB/System/Web design and programming: Chisato Yamauchi
Programming and Documentation: Masayuki Katano and Sachimi Fujishima

Last Modified: 05 January 2023