Important announcements

The database for AKARI CAS was restructured into multiple databases. The 'cas' database is available as a new database instead of 'DR1'.
Due to the reconfiguration of the database, the name of some tables and views had changed. If you keep the previously created SQL and want to use again, please do substitution of the name. And also, the usage of some functions had changed.
The correspondence between the new name and the old name is written in Tables and Views. In Functions, please specify the catalogue names ('akari_fis_bsc_1' or 'akari_irc_psc_1') instead of the instrument ('Fis' or 'Irc'). We appreciate in your inconvenience.

The summary is below:

AKARI has some catalogs with different instrument or each version. They are stored in the 'cas' database. Also the 'cas' databases store catalogs published by various projects such as IRAS, RC3 and TWOMASS. You can select any catalog when using tools in the CAS pages.

There is a summarized explanation of Tables, Views and Functions in the SQL Schema page.

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Last Modified: 01 July 2020