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DARTS for Astrophysics

We are archiving the current and past JAXA astrophysical satellite data.

Cosmic Ray Physics/Gamma-ray Astronomy

CALET (2015-)

X-ray Astrophysics

XRISM (Developing), Hitomi (2016), MAXI (2009-), Suzaku (2005-2015), ASCA (1993-2001), Ginga (1987-1991), Tenma (1983-1989),

Infrared Astrophysics

AKARI (2006-2011), IRTS (1995), BICE (1991-1994)

Radio Astrophysics

HALCA / VSOP (1997-2005)

Web applications

We provide mission-independent web-applications to facilicate search, browse and quick-look DARTS Astro data.

DARTS/Astro Query System

You can search for various satellite data archived in DARTS/Astro from target positions or names on the single platform.


Images taken by JAXA's missions and other missions/observatories are projected on the celestical sphere. You can superpose various images, insrument fields-of-view (foot-prints) and catalogs. Not only JAXA's archival data, but other archival data at NASA and ESA are linked from those foot-prints. For detailed explanation for JUDO2, please have a look at "about JUDO2".


You can quick-look an image and spectrum of ASCA, Suzaku or Hitomi by specifying the extract-region on each observation image.

Data mirror

We mirror major calibration data and software from HEASARC. These calibration files and software are necessary to analyze ASCA, Suzaku, MAXI and Hitomi data.

Last Modified: 22 April 2021