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Area Satellite Application DescriptionFunction
X-ray AstronomySuzakuPublic Data List Suzaku observation data list
ASCAASCA QL ASCA data quick look
Hitomi, Suzaku, ASCA, MAXI UDON2 Data analysis tool
Hitomi, Suzaku, ASCA, MAXI JUDO2 Sky images and data download tool
Infrared AstronomyAkariAkari CAS Radial Search Akari catalogue radial search system
Akari CAS Rectangular Search Akari catalogue rectangular search system
Akari CAS Cross Identifications Akari catalogue Cross Identifications
Akari CAS Match-up with SIMBAD/NED Akari catalogue match-up with Cached SIMBAD/NED catalogues
Akari CAS SQL Search Akari catalogue SQL search system
Akari CAS Command-line Query Tool Akari catalogue command line search tool
Akari CAS Explore Quick look image tool(AKARI/FIS, AKARI/IRC, WISE, IRIS, 2MASS, DSS2)
Akari CAS Image List Tool Quick look image list tool
Akari DAS All-SKY Map Search AKARI all-sky map search system
IRTSIRTS Point Source Search IRTS MIRS point source catalogue search system
IRTS Intensity Map Search IRTS spatial intensity map search tool
IRTS Point Source Catalogue IRTS MIRS point source catalogue
IRTS Spatial Intensiy Map IRTS spatial intensity map
Radio Astronomy HALCA HALCA Public Data List HALCA observation data list
Solar Physics

Area Satellite Application DescriptionFunction
Solar PhysicsHinodeHinode Darts Query DARTS Hinode observation data search system
Solar Calender X-ray and EUV solar daily images
Solar-Terrestrial Physics

Area Satellite Application DescriptionFunction
All STP SMILES, KAGUYA, etc... C3 Quick look for geoscience data
Magnetosphere ObservationGeotailInteractive Plot Plot of Magnetic Field, Electric Field, and Ion Moment Data
ASCII Listing ASCII Listing of Magnetic Field, Electric Field, and Ion Moment Data
MGF High Resolution ASCII Listing of High Resolution Magnetic Field Data
MGF Search Coil ASCII Listing of High Resolution Search Coil Magnetometer Data
LEP Ion Distribution ASCII Listing of Ion Distribution Function Data
AkebonoOrbit Orbital and Instrumental Information download
LEP Low Energy Particle(LEP) data download and plot
TED Thermal Electron Energy Distribution(TED) data download and plot
SMS Suprathermal Mass Spectrometer(SMS) data download and plot
RDM Radiation Moniter(RDM) data plot
ATV Aurora TV(ATV) data plot
Lunar and Planetary Science

Area Satellite Application DescriptionFunction
All Hayabusa, Hayabusa2, Kaguya, Akatsuki PDAP Retrievinng planetary data from planetary data repositories
FLow FieLd Of View Visualizer(FLOW)
FLow on the Web FOV simulation on the web using FLOW technology
Engineering SpacecraftHayabusaAMICA Access to the imaging data taken by Hayabusa AMICA
NIRS Access to the near-infrared spectral data obtained by Hayabusa NIRS
LIDAR Access to the ranging data obtained by Hayabusa LIDAR
XRS Access to the x-ray spectral data obtained by Hayabusa XRS
SPICE Navigation and ancillary data in the form of SPICE System kernels for the Hayabusa spacecraft
Shape Model shape models of Itokawa
MoonKaguyaSELENE Data archive PDS3 data archive system(PDAP)
KADIAS KAguya Data Integrated Analysis System: WebGIS-based analysis and download functions for observed data
Kaguya ODDS Tracking information powered by JAXA's Consolidated Space Tracking & Data Acquisition Department (CST-DAD)
HDTV HDTV data publication system
3D Moon Navi Browse the images and data with realistic sensation by three dimensional (3D) view function
ApolloMoon Seismic Monitor Download tool for PSE and LSG data
ALSEP Data Viewer Quick look tool of data allocation and header information of Exabyte-format data files for each data frame
Contributed Software
(Useful software packages developed by external users that are not officially supported by DARTS.)

Area Satellite Application DescriptionFunction
Infrared AstronomyAkariAkari CAS IDL Query Tool Akari catalogue IDL search tool
Akari 2MASS Kit Akari 2MASS Kit (data)
Crystal --- Crystal DB Inorganic crystals database

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